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Biome Research: Biomes

Biome Research

Directions for this assignment will be given out in class.
The Fiat Library subscribes to databases. Databases provide accurate, educational information for third grade students. (The Internet doesn't always do that)

To access the databases, you will need a user name and password. This information is so super secret that it cannot be posted here. Please see the class handout you received for the user name and password or e-mail Mrs. Zajko

Brain Pop

Search terms:



Encyclopedia Britannica

Compton's (Encyclopedia Britannica) - Select the Elementary encyclopedia. Under "additional content" are  "Web's Best Sites" links.

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Grolier includes two encyclopedias: Grolier Online (more detail) and New Book of Knowledge. Grolier will also give you approved Internet websites. Click on the Websites tab at the top of the results page. Note: If Grolier does not open when using the user name password, it will open on the second try. Why? I don't know.

World Book

 After logging in to World Book Advanced, you can select from three different encyclopedias
based on reading level: World Book Kids, World Book Discoverer, or World Book Student. The links to these encyclopedias can be found at the bottom of the World Book Advanced homepage. The World Book Student also has Internet links

Image Quest

Use this database for copyright-friendly images. You can also use images from the encyclopedia databases.

Destiny Catalog

To locate the books available for research,search the Destiny catalog by subject or keyword. You can also see the list by using the Visual  catalog tab. On the catalog page, select the Visual Catalog tab on the upper right. Select the 3rd grade Biomes icon and click to see the titles of books.

Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
Advanced Search

 After the initial library research, you may check books out on an overnight loan. Books need to be returned the following morning before homeroom so that all students have equal access to these resources

Selected Research Links

The links listed below are approved for research. Googling is not encouraged. Wikipedia may not be used. However, if you want to do additional browsing on the web, use the kid-friendly search engines listed to the right of this box.  You might need an adult's help to read some of the information on these websites.


Enchanted Learning - provides a selection of biomes and habitats.

  Exploring the Environment - Earth's Floor biomes

Biome Science Modules - although this is the same url as Earth's Floor, it has information on different biomes. You should check both sites.

 This on-line almanac includes general information on biomes.

 Kids Do Biomes - Lists biomes around the world and includes additional links. When you are finished your researh, you can play biome games here.

 This is Mrs. Schlanser's favorite website!

Habitats - select biome from bottom of the page.

Provides links to specific biomes.


The Beauty of Biomes

Do You Know?

Do you know the difference between a biome and an ecosystem?

Need Help?

Kid Friendly Search Engines


You can search Web Path either by clicking above or from the left menu of the  Destiny catalog page.


More Info!

Where are the world's major biomes?


NASA Mission Biomes


Build an Online Habitat