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Bridges - S.T.E.M: Welcome to Bridges!

6th grade STEM project

Build-a-Bridge Research Project

Welcome to the Build-a-Bridge Challenge!

Above the bunker at the Golden gate Bridge in The Bay Area

Bridge Walk

What Do I Do?

Click on the tabs above to be guided through the entire process of researching bridge structures and building your own  bridge.

For the best results, follow the Big6 Research Model. You can find out more about each step at the Research tab.:

  1. Define the Task
  2. Plan Research
  3. Locate Information
  4. Organize Information
  5. Synthesize and Create
  6. Evaluate Project


Building Background

How much do you already know about bridge construction?

Building Background
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Take the Bridge Quiz

Click on the image below to test your knowledge of bridges with a 10 question quiz from!