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Teaching Reading

Copyright for Teachers

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Reviews Fair Use and other copyright issues in education.





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Curriculum and Lesson Planning


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More than just vocabulary and spelling, this site includes numerous Language Arts activities.

Teachers First Sites of the Week

This website is listed above for browsing and searching. This feed features weekly recommended websites. It is updated every Monday but sites are archived. Not all sites may show on the feed. Don't miss anything....see the sites on their webpage.


Teacher Text Book Links

These links are for  the teacher edition of text book links. Student text book links are listed on the Home page.


Library services

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Professional Organizations

Includes links to lesson plan, online articles and reading lists.

National Council of Social Studies Teachers

National Council of Teacher of Mathematics

STEM & Technology Education

 National Science Teacher's Association


National Catholic Educator's Association


Sites to See

These are the BEST websites for a reason.

Take a look; you will be sure to find several that you will want to use in your classroom. The link at the bottom of the page links to previous year's winners.

The ALSC updates and re-evaluates  this list three times a year. Any website from this list can be added to a guide or a page.

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