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Fiat Library: Science Fair

Science Fair

This page provides PDF links to important documents necessary for Science Fair. Many of these are documents you have recieved from your teachers and are filed in your Science Fair binders.

Look here for experiments at Science Buddies

Science Fair Explained

Experiment? Research? Notecards? What does it all mean?  Find out at Life Cycle of a Science Fair Project!

Welcome to the Science Fair

This PowerPoint presentation reviews the Science Fair from start to finish.


These packets are distributed in the Spring prior to the Science Fair in November of the new school year. You will use the packets to organize your materials, procedure, experiment, and research questions.

Directions to Print Annotated Works Consulted for Science Fair

To print out your Annotated Works Consulted for the Science Fair, follow these directions:

1) Go into your Noodle Tools account and open your Science Fair folder.

2) Go to the Sources tab at the top of the page.

3) Find the "Print/Export" tab on the top left-hand corner of the page. Go to "Print to Word." This will open up a word file for you. If you are using your Ipad, you will convert the file for editing and save it to your Office 365 account.

4) When the Word document is open, type your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page and type the title "Annotated Works Consulted" in the middle center of the page, above your citations. The word document may default to "Works Cited." In this case, delete this title and type in "Annotated Works Consulted."

5) You are now ready to print the document.

Good Luck!


You will use several binders during the Science Fair process. The red binder will include your packet and your sources and your raw experiment data. Your black binder will include your procedure, graphs, research paper and Annotated Works Consulted. This is the binder that will be presented with your back board during the Science Fair. This link will explain how to set up the black binder.

The Art of the Backboard

Science Fair Project List

Research 101

Important information regarding your sources.

Metric Conversion Calculators

Use these calculators if you need to convert to metric.

NoodleTools info

NoodleTools is located on the Research tab.

Sample Annotated Works Consulted (AWC)