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Fiat Library: Research



Why Do We Need to Cite Sources?

Big 6 Research Model

There are 6 steps for research, fom beginnig to end. This information will help explain the process. Click on the poster to learn more.

The “Big6™” is copyright © (1987) Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz


Purdue University OWL


Anatomy of a Database Citation & URL

Are you confused when you look at the database citation? Is it hard to tell the difference betweeen the encyclopedia name and the database name? Never fear!! Use the citation below as a model to help decipher the parts of a database citationl.

See the citation printed on the last page of your Marshall Cavendish source.  Use the color coding to identify elements of the url.

Author           “Article Title”     Name of Encyclopedia                Name of Database                Update    Access Date   URL


Dorsett, M. "Corrosion." Technology and Applied Sciences. Marshall Cavendish Digital, 2010. Web. 16 October 2010. <>


Keep in mind this sequence:  Author (if any) "Article Title in quotes."  Encyclopedia Name in italics. Database Name or publisher. Date. Web (format). Your access date. URL up to .com   (delete anything after .com)

Some database citations will include the editor after the encyclopedia name. Gale Virtual Reference Library includes more elements. Only enter in NoodleTools the information on your souce citation sheet or printed source citation.


21st Century Research

Note Card Tutorials

Research Guide

Enter the library by clicking on the photo to find more informaton about research.

NoodleTools Tip Sheet

Source Citation Slips


Watch these short screencasts that provide an overview of how to use NoodleTools.