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Fiat Library: Library Information

Mission Statement

The Fiat Library provides literary and research resources, as well as information literacy skills, to both students and faculty.  The library follows the philosophy outlined in Informaton Power published by the American Association of School Librarians and the Association for Educational Communications  and Technology.  Information Power seeks to "build a community of independent, information-literate, lifelong learners."

The RICE philosophy is integrated into the library program as students learn to be responsible users of information and library resources. Student selection of reading materials promotes creativity as students  explore new authors and genres. Interdependence and empowerment is exhibited through faculty and librarian collaboration on goals and objectives of class assignments and library lessons.

My Book is Lost

Common places to find lost library books:

  • The classroom
  • School locker
  • The lost and found
  • Extended day
  • Church
  • The bottom of the student's desk
  • The closet floor
  • The bus company's lost and found
  • Under the bed
  • The bottom of another student's desk
  • In the dog's bed (damaged beyond repair)
  • Mom's house / Dad's house
  • At Grandma's in Florida
  • The playground in a puddle by the swings
  • Behind the television
  • Returned to another library by mistake


Can't find your book? Please let us know. We promise to not get upset.



1. Checking out books:

  • 1st Grade - May check out 1 book at a time.
  • 2nd Grade - May check out 2 books at a time.
  • 3rd Grade - May check out 3 books at a time.
  • 4th Grade - May check out 4 books at a time.
  • 5th Grade and up - May check out as many books as necessary for assignments or pleasure reading.

2. The library has an "open door" policy. Students may renew or checkout books at any time. Students do not need to wait until their scheduled library classes to check out, return or renew books.

3. Students in grades 5 through 8 are encouraged to sign in to their Destiny account in order to keep track of due dates or to place reserves or holds on books.

Overdue books

A date due card is placed in the book pocket at checkout. The last date on the card indicates the due date of the book. There are no fines for overdue materials. However, students with overdue books need to return the overdue book before checking out new materials.

Overdue notices are printed weekly. For grades 1 to 4, overdues are printed two days before library class and are sent home in the homework folder.  For students in grades 5 through 8, overdues are printed every Friday afternoon and placed in the homeroom teacher's mailbox for distribution on Monday morning. The cut-off date for "late" is the date the notices are printed. Students have a grace period before the second notice is printed.

Lost / Damaged Materials

A replacement cost is assessed for items that are lost or damaged. The replacement cost will be returned provided that the found book is in good condition and has not been replaced.


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