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Presidents: Welcome to Presidents research!

1st grade research

What Do I Do?

 1. Pick a president's biography from the list.

2.  Read the biography. You can have help reading it.

3.  Learn about the president and take notes on the important facts.

4.  Create your poster using the facts.


More Sources

In addition to reading a biography, students may also use the Fiat Library databases to research their president. The databases are listed below. The handout that was sent home includes the user name and password for the databases. Please e-mail Mrs. Zajko if you need assistance.

Images may be copied and pasted from the databases. ImageQuest, an copyright friendly database, will also provide images.

Additional approved web links may be used as well.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Select the appropriate grade level encyclopedia.

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Select The New Book of Knowledge

Note: Sometimes this encyclopedia does not load on the first try but it will on the second.

World Book

Select Elementary module.

Image Quest

Destiny Catalog

For this assignment, students will read a biography about a president. Please see the Destiny catalog to view available titles. You can enter the search term in the catalog below. Once the catalog opens, select the "Visual" tab on the Destiny catalog home page to see the books specifically reserved for this assignment.

Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
Advanced Search

WebPath Express

WebPath Express is kid-friendly search engine. It can also be accessed from the left menu of the Destiny catalog. (Need to enter a seaarch term first)

Brain Pop

The "president" animation explains what a president is and why the United States is governed by a president.

Web Links

This site from the Internet Public Library includes detailed information on presidential administrations; not much biographical information. Be aware of advertising on the right side of the page.

This is the official White House site that provides biographical information fon presidents for young readers.

This web page from the Multnomah County library provides links to presidential biographies.