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West DePere Bridges: Plan Research

What Do I Do?

The next step in the research process is to develop a plan for your research. Where will you search? What types of sources will best fit your information needs? In order to give yourself the best chance to have a successful research experience, it will be important for you to refine your research topic and create a concrete plan for searching.

Developing a Research Question

1. Turn a research topic into research questions
2. Develop narrow and broad questions
3. Generate multiple search terms

Click the Developing Questions pull down menu above to get started.


Evaluating the Credibility of Resources

1. Evaluate a website
2. Evaluate print sources


Finding the Most Relevant Resources

1. What kinds of resources are available to me?
2. What kinds of information does each resource provide?
3. Which resource types will be right for me?



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Tips for Effective Searching

1. Create effective search terms
2. Use Boolean logic
3. Search using databases
4. Search using Google

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