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Body Systems: Nervous / Endocrine

Grade 7 Science

Nervous System

Endocrine System

@ the library

Browse in the non-fiction section 611 and 612 for additional titles on body systems or look up on Destiny using a subject or keyword search.

Challenge Yourselves! (aka: games)

Nervous System

Nervous System

Nervous System Song

What would Jason Derulo think?

Endocrine System

Endocrine System

"Hormones are like the wi-fi of the human body system."

Brain Used to Know

Its Mr. Parr, not Gotye.


Click on the cover to access the e-book. Remember that you will need only the school database password, not your library card number. Also available in print reference.

Brain Pop

Encyclopedia Britannica

Gale UXL Student Resource Center Jr

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Also includes The New Book of Popular Science.

Marshall Cavendish Science Reference Center

World Book


Take a look at the careers available if you are interested in the brain, neuroscience or the endocrine system.