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Grammar Grades 7 & 8: Grammar

Grammar Reference

Includes rules for grammar and punctuation.

 Wih only 11 rules, writing just got easier. And if you have pet peeves about the English language, you can share them here.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing is Mrs. Lannutti's all time favorite web site because it has everything you want to know about grammar.  This site has quizzes to test you knowledge and you can wow your parents with what you know. Log on with a friend and see who does better. Challenge Mrs.Lannutti to a grammar show down.

Boys can use it too!! Also check out the other links.

Prepositional Phrases

Battle Hymn Republic song here

Practice New

FANBOYS still a mystery? Solve it here.


What's parrallel structure? Sentence fragments?  Grammar Bytes unlocks the mysteries of grammar and punctuation.

Grammar Edits - A new paragraph everyday to practice proofreading.

Interactive quizzes from the Guide to Grammar and Writing.

Punctuation Practice - Exactly where do you use a semi-colon? Also links to Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure explanations.

Do a good deed by challenging yourself and dontatng food to the hungry. The questions get harder the longer you play.




Parrallel Structure



Eats Shoots and Leaves

Subjunctive Test



Fun Reads

Tools - Visual Thesaurus

   Visually maps out your word and associated words.

Also includes 10 new words daily from the New York Times

Learn the origins of words.


The Grammar Gorillas want you to play with them.