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Habitats Grade 2: Habitats

Habitat Animals


There are two kinds of rainforests: temperate and tropical. You will be researching tropical rainforest. Animals that live in the rainforest are parrots and monkeys.


Animals that live in the savannah are lions. Sometimes savannahs are also known as grasslands.

Wetlands, Swamps and Bogs

Alligators live in swampy habitats. In the U.S. they live in the Florida Everglades or the Louisiana bayou.

More fun!!! (also known as: games)

Enchanted Learning

Use the following search words:

biomes / grassland / savanna / tropical rain forests (2 words) / freshwater marsh / swamps

Ask your teacher for the user name and password or e-mail Mrs. Zajko

I've Got a Habitat

What is a habitat?


The African Savannah

Florida Wetlands

Centigrade to Fahrenheit Conversion Table

A habitat is....

Click on the triangle button to hear the gopher explain what a habitat is.

STEM Animal Habitat Research handout

Database Info

The databases below will help you with your research. The databases have information on animals and habitats. They also have photographs of what the animals and the habitats look like. There is also a database of just photographs.

You need a user name and a password to look for the information. Ask your teacher for the user name and password or e-mail Mrs. Zajko.

Brain Pop

Encyclopedia Britannica

Select ELEMENTARY level.

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia


Image Quest

If you need pictures, use this source.

World Book

Select KIDS level.