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Newton's Laws of Motion: Newton's Laws

Grade 6

Newton's Laws of Motion

The links below provide information on all three laws of motion. For more information on specific laws, see the tabs.

Newton's Toybox

Brain Pop

Interactives, Video Clips & Animations

Encyclopedia Britannica

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Also includes The New Book of Popular Science.

Marshall Cavendish Science Reference Center

World Book

I know!!! I know!!!

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Sir Isaac Newton

Did you know that Newton's mother wanted him to be a farmer? Lucky for us, he had other ideas. Click on the graphic to read a brief biography of this famous scientist.

Newton's Three Laws of Motion

Three Laws of Motion overview

Laws of Motion

What does Angry Birds and toilet paper have to do wih Isaac Newton?

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When you learn about Newton's Laws of Motion, you are learning Physics. Watch the video to learn more about this branch of science.