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Plants and Flowers: Plants & Flowers

Grade 5

General Links

General links provide the "big picture".


Fertilization & Pollination


Brain Pop

Encyclopedia Britannica

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Also includes The New Book of Popular Science.

World Book

For the Future

Do you like plants and biology? Think about a career as a botanist!


What['s so funny about plants?

Introduction to Plants


Bill  Nye the Science Guy tells why plants are important.

Plant Stucture

Parenchyma? Collenchyma? Sclerencyma? Yes, it's English!  Watch the video to learn more about plant structure.

Germination and Dispersal

This seed explains it all.

Photosynthesis Rap

Photosynthesis let's get into this.

Learn More @ the library!

These are a few of the many books we have on plants and flowers. Search the Destiny catalog to find more or stop by to browse.