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Saints - Grade 5: Saints - Grade 5


How to Do Research in 6 Easy Steps


1. Use the Saints graphic organizer to take notes on your saint. Use one graphic organizer per source. For example: if you have three sources, use three graphic organizers, one for each source. Include only the information from that particular source on your graphic organizer. You received two graphic organizers in class. If you need more graphic organizers for additional sources, click on the link below.

2. List the author of the source and the title of the source that your are using on the graphic organizer. You will need this information later for your Works Consulted sheet.

3. Your source may not have all the information that is asked for on the graphic organizer. That is one reason why you need to use more than one source. If the information that you need is not available, put the letters "n/a" (not available) in the appropriate box. You might find the information that you need in another source, using another graphic organizer.

4. Do not copy full sentences. Read the sentences and paragraphs and write what you understood about your reading. Use short bits of information or bullet points.

5. You need to use 2 print sources. You may use additional sources if necessary. Remember to use one graphic organizer for each source that you use.

6. When you are finished with your research, write the source information from your graphic organizer on the Works Consulted page that you received in class. An extra copy is also available in the box at the bottom of this page. This will be due on the same day as your research paper and is the last page of your research paper . Here is a copy of the Works Consulted page. 

Saint Links

 American Catholic - This page from Saint Anthony Messenger web site includes brief biographies on well-known saints. Clicking on the links at the top of the page will also give you information on saints by patron status and by feast day. Who are the patron saints for students?
Catholic Online - Click the tab at the top of the page to search by first name. You can also scroll down to select saint alphabetically or to select saints by nationality. 

Catholic Saints Fun Facts - Yes, saints have fun facts. Find out here.

 Holy Spirit Interactive Kids Zone - Includes brief biographies of saints by month. You will need to know your saint's feast day. This site has advertising.

Magnificat - Search by name or by month. Sponsored by the Order of the Magnificat of the Mother of God in Canada.

Patron Saint Index - This site includes many saints but not all saints have detailed information. There are links to additional information.

Popular Saints and Angels -

Saints Resources -

Saints Stories for Kids - Loyola Press site that lists saints alphabetically and by month.

All holy men and women pray for us....

Important Papers

If you need extra graphic organizers or Works Consulted, click on the PDF to print at home.


Almost all of your research will come from print resources. Non-fiction and Reference sources are on reserve for this assignment. All research will be conducted in school in the library. You will need to take notes on the from the sources as you use them.  Use one graphic organizer per source.

Print Resources:  On reserve.

Databases: The more well-known saints may have biographical information on our encyclopedia databases or on Gale. Link to the databases from the LibGuides home page. E-mail Mrs. Z for user name and password.  

How To Become a Saint

Frequently Asked Questions

Saints Sources Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What information should I put on the Saints Sources Works Consulted page?

You should list all the sources in which you found information on your saint. It doesn't matter if you found only a little bit of information or a lot of information. If it is a fact that you wrote down on your graphic organizer, then it must be included on your Works Consulted page. The source information that you wrote on your graphic organizer are the sources that you list on the final Saints Sources Works Consulted sheet.

2. There is a place to list database sources. Do I have to fill that in if I didn't use any databases?

No, you do not. If you did not use information from databases, then you do not fill out that list. Remember, only the databases on the Fiat Library homepage can be used. It is possible that the databases may not have information on your saint.

3. There is a place to list Internet sources. Do I have to fill that in if I didn't use any Internet sources?

No, you do not. If you did not use any information from the approved Internet sites listed above, then you do not fill out that list. Not all of the links have information on all of the saints, so if you did not find information on one of the web sites, you should check the others.

4. How do I fill out the database or Internet information?

Here's an example for the database: "St. Callistus." Grolier Online. (list the name of saint in quotes and list the name of the database.)
Here's an example for an Internet source: "St. Elizabeth Ann Seton." Catholic Information Network. (list the name of the saint in quotes, list the name of the web site, and list the url -the web address- only up to the domain.)

5. How am I supposed to answer the question about analyzing my research experience?

You must answer this question. It is part of the Saints Sources Works Consulted grade. You should write about how you did your research. You are talking about what you learned about how to do research. There are questions listed to help you think about the research process. Do not include any factual information about your saint. There is no right or wrong answer; it will be different for everyone.

6. Should I hand in my Saints Sources Works Consulted page to my Religion teacher attached to my finished paper and / or attached to my sources?

Yes, You should put your Saints Sources Works Consulted into any presentation folders, etc with your finished paper on the due date. This is a graded part of your assignment, so make sure that you include it.