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Faculty Library: Library Services

How the Fiat Library can help you

  • Collaboration with lesson planning or goals and objectives

  • Schedule classes outside of your weekly scheduled time

  • Provide a quiet, supervised location for test or homework catch-up for your students

  • Select themed classroom collections to support additional research

  • Booktalks

  • Current Awareness Service

  • Reader's Advisory

  • Introduce, supervise and collaborate on research

  • Create Research guides

  • Instruction on research techniques

  • Instruction on source citations

  • Create a reserve book cart for Library research

  • Professional Library print and DVD resources, including flip cameras

  • Presentation space

  • Discovery UnitedStreaming password and sign-up

  • Blog sign up. We subscribe to Edublogs

  • NoodleTool drop-box set-up

  • Anything that you can think of that is not on this list!


Why Cite?

Students are required to observe academic integrity by providing source citations for the resources they have used. Source citation in grades 1 through 5 should be completed on a grade appropriate basis.

Students in Grades 6 through 8 use NoodleTools, an online program that generates citations and notecards. For consistency among all grades and curriculae, teachers should require either an Annotated Works Consulted (AWC) or a Works Consulted with each research assignment. Teachers can create drop-boxes, if desired, to review and comment on student sources throughout the research process.

AWC's for major research assignments such as Science Fair and National History Day will be graded by the librarian. I will be happy to grade student AWC's for any other assignment.

Research Guides

With an overabundance of information just a mouse click or touch screen away, many students are inclined to rely entirely on the Internet for research. However, many web sites may not be appropriate for elementary or middle school students. For this reason, we encourage students to browse the Internet using WebPath Express, which is available on the Destiny catalog page. WebPath Express provides evaluated and age and grade appropriate web sites.

Even though WebPath Express provides a safe search environment, it is not the preferred method to learn research skills. The Fiat Library, as well as the public libraries, provide a wealth of other resources which are frequently overlooked unless the students are specifically directed to them. The Research Guides place a myriad of resources front and center, which gives students the opportunity to access a wide variety of print, reference and digital resources. They provide structure and direction and enable students to realize that research needs to be in-depth and wide ranging. Research guides include library subscription databases, print and reference materials, preselected web sites, videos, infographics, images, PDF's, surveys, and rss feeds. There are a number of layout options and colors. The Research Guide can be customzed to fit whatever the research needs and requirements are for your classes. We can even put your photo on the page.

A Research Guide can be created for any topic or subject. Examples of research guides are available on almost all LibGuide grade pages. You can create your own research guide or suggest resources or websites for a Research Guide to be created for you and your class. It will take a few days to create the guide; advanced notice is always appreciated!

Research Guides can always be updated to include new information.

Siging Up

  • You can sign up to bring your classes to the library to read, to work on a project, or select a book

  • There is no online sign up because I like to talk with you about what you will be doing and what resources or lessons your class will need. Once we discuss your class's needs, I will reserve a library space for the date and period

  • There are two instructional areas: the Reference area and the center space. The Library schedule will determine which spaces are available although we can be flexible and re-arrange the seating as needed.

  • Please plan to accompany your class and provide assistance regarding sources, direction of research, etc.

Current Awareness

Don't have time to read every page of every magazine and professional journal? Subscribe to the Fiat Library's Current Awareness Service. Select the magazines or journals you are interested in and each month you will recieve a photocopy of the magazine's Table of Contents, Circle the articles you are interested in reading and Karen Sabatino will copy the article for you and place it in your mailbox. Due to copyright, if you are interested in three or more articles, we will check the magazine out to you.