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Spanish Biographies Grade 8: Biography

Famous Hispanic Biography


Create a brochure about a famous Hispanic.

Source Requirements

You are required to use a minimum of two sources. One of the sources must be print; others may be a combination of database and Internet sources. More than one print source is acceptable.

FINE PRINT: General encyclopedias such as Grolier Multimedia / New Book of Knowledge / World Book / Britannica are not permitted as sources without permission.

Use Databases First and Use This Last

If you need to use Internet sources, make sure you evaluate the website for accuracy, content, currency, and authority. Fan websites should be avoided. 

Google Web Search

Destiny Catalog

Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
Advanced Search

All collective biography sources are on reserve for this assignment. Use Destiny to locate individual biographies.

Use Destiny' s Web Path Express to look for additional information.


Read Me!!

A word about names: When searching Spanish names, remember that what we consider to be the last name is frequently the mother's name, not the family surname. You may need to search both. For example:

Oscar de la Hoya - You may need to search "de la Hoya", not "Hoya".

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - You may need to search "Garcia Marquez", not "Marquez."

Web Links

Need Help?

Researchers!!! The person you are researching will not be in all sources. Tailor your sources to the person. For example, sports stars are probably not listed in ABC-Clio American History but humanitarians and writers may be.

There are print sources for almost all listed personalities. You may need to check the indexes of several sources before you locate a useful source. Please see Mrs. Zajko if you are having difficulty locating print sources.

Latino or Hispanic?