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STEM Gr. 7 Wastewater Management: Wastewater Management

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There are a variety of sources for this assignment. Due to the currency of the topic, many of the sources can be found in publications such as newspapers and magazines, as well as on web sites. Be aware of and consider the bias or point of view of the author or website, the currency (how recent is the information) and the credentials of the author.

Books are on the Reserve book truck for this assignment.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for introductory video to Google Sketchup.

Image Quest


Use Image Quest instead of Google due to copyright observance.

Pennsylvania Library Resources

You will need your public library card to access PowerLibrary at home.

 In school: 

Select Chldrens Research / Middle Search Main for full-text magazine articles and SIRS Discoverer

Select: Newspapers / Magaziens for MasterFile Main editon (full text magazines) and Newspaper Source Plus


In Real Life

This Philadelphia Inquirer article discusses how Habitat for Humanity builds green in North Philadelphia.

Not For Research (aka: games)

Environmental Protection Agency sites

Additional Web Links

Desigining Green - Find out what the University of Pennsylvania is doing to green the campus.

Alliance for Water Sufficiency - Defines terms and standards and provides suggestions.

Burnsville Rainwater Gardens - PDF of a model garden


International Stormwater BMP Database -- BMP = Best Management Practices. This website provides studies,analysis and other tools for BMP.

ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers

Stormwater Manager's Resource Center - Fact Sheet link and Slideshows are a good place to start.

Water Environment Federation -

Low Impact Development - Check out the links on the right side of the page.

Green Roof - The Calhoun School in New York City has adapted the green roof concept. Includes green roof FAQ and design.

The Center for Green Schools - Explore the elements that make a school green.

Percy Street Goes Green

This video focuses on how a specific street in Philadelphia decentralizes storm water and became "green."  The YouTube video below is from the EcoExpress web site. There are additional videos and animations that you watch at this site.

Low Impact Development Videos

1.  This EPA website includes videos on wastewater management in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

2. Thin Flats Tour

Pharamceutical Contamination title is humourous but there is nothing humorous about contaminants in our water from hormones that people take. This is an example of non-point source pollution as opposed to point source pollution

Internet Searching

You can search by domain. (e.g .gov, .edu)

Getting Started with Google SketchUp


  • storm water management
  •  run-off
  •  storm water pollution
  •  sustainability
  •  urban sprawl
  •  erosion
  •  point and non-point pollution
  •  wetlands
  •  non-renewable and renewable resources
  •  green design or low-impact design
  •  green roof
  • roof gardens
  • porous (pervious) surfaces
  • flood control

E-book & Print Reference

Marshall Cavendish Science Reference Center

Also available in print Reference

Gale UXL Student Resource Center Jr

Remember to take a look at the Magazine tab for current news.

World Book

Encyclopedia Britannica

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Also includes The New Book of Popular Science.