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Animal Farm: Animal Farm

An Animalism Commandment

Who's Who?

The characters of Napoleon, Snowball, Old Major and others are based upon the leaders of the former Soviet Union. In order to understand who the animals represent, you need to know something about Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin. Use theDatabases tab for biographical and history databases to learn who's who.


These timelines place people and events in context.

History Speaks

The primary sources at this web site offer insight into the politics of the Russian Revolution. Remember to consider the Time and Place rule and the Bias rule when reading primary sources.

And the Survey Said....

Web Links

Includes synopsis, characters, themes and analysis.

Read his biography to find the inspiration for Animal Farm. To see the links (including a letter to his publisher), scroll down past the book publication information



Chapter summaries connect to themes of government as well as a synopsis of major characters.

Russian Revolution

Orwell used the Bolshevik Revolution as theme in Animal Farm. This video provides a quick overview of the Bolshevik Revolution and the events leading up to it.

Russian Revolution

War and revolution in Russia - 1914- 1921

Time Magazine photo essay of the October Revolution.

The Cult of Personality

Stalin used propaganda to create an idealized public image.


Animal Farm - Literary Devices

Animal Farm is both an allegory and satire. Use the links below for a definiion.

The "isms"

In Animal Farm, Orwell is commenting upon specific forms of government: Marxism, Communism, Socialism and Totalitarianism. Use the databases to learn more about them.

Stalin & Industrialization

Citizens were organized into collectives and the government planned production according to the Five Year Plans. Was it successful? What was the cost?

Click on the poster to learn more.

Quiz Yourself

There are 25 questions on this quiz. Take the quiz after you have finished reading Animal Farm.