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Inherit the Wind Moot Court: Inherit the Wind

First Amendment

The First Amendment Center -This portion of the First Amendment blog (not a website) specifically addresses evolution

The First Amendment Center - This portion of the blog specifically addresses Intelligent Design

First Amendment Schools

Selected Resource List

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Historical Fiction


Many of the same issues that were a source of conflict in the Scopes Trial are still under debate today in 2013. Your research will need to focus on the current status of the teaching of evolution and the belief in Creationism, or Intelligent Design. Information is also provided on the First Amenment  (censorship).  You need to consider the concept of Academic Freedom (for education) and the tension that exists between some religious beliefs and scientific fact.

Key words to begin with are "creationism" or "intelligent design". You should know a little bit about Charles Darwin  and the Theory of Evolution (but not the current theory of Social Darwinism) and Fundamentalist religion. Add to the keywords as you develop your research.

Essential Questions

Begin your research with one or two essential questions. For example: Why was Darwin's theory so revolutionary? Why did he wait so long before publishing it? How did his theory affect education?  science? religion?


  • The Scopes Monkey Trial
  • Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
  • Creationism and Intelligent Design
  • Censorhip: Who determines what is taught in the classroom?
  • The controvery of teaching evolution in the schools today.
  • What current events were happening in the United States during the mid-1920's?
  • Describe the criminal justice system.
  • Careers in the following: criminal justice / journalism / education

Scopes Trial

A Monkey on Tennessee's Back

Famous Trials in American History

Scopes Monkey Trial

The Scopes Trial - This Digital History website offers an overview of the trial and the events leading up to it.

Court Cases

There have been many court cases challenging the teaching of evolution in public schools. See the print reference titles. One recent case in particular occurred in 2005 outside Harrisburg, Pa, in the Dover Area School District. Use the links below to search for more information.

Kitzmiller v. Dover - This webpage from the National Center for Science Education provides a synopsis of the case and the ruling, as well as additional links on the testimony and similar cases. A Google search using the court case as a search term will turn up more information.

Intelligent Design on Trial - PBS Nova site that focused on the Kitzmiller case and follow up links