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Pa. Native Americans: Pennsylvania Native Americans

Grade 4

Pennsylvania Native Americans


Some facts to keep in mind:

"The American Indian cultures of northeastern North America [are] also known as the Woodland Indians...." UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes

Tribe: a group of Natives who share a name, language, culture and ancestors. UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes

Northeast tribes are organized by language family: Algonquian or Iroquoian.

Tribes in the Algonquian Family are:

  • Delawares (also known as Lenni-Lenape)
  • Nanticoke
  • Shawnee


Tribes in the Iroquoian Family are:

  • Cayuga
  • Erie
  • Mohawk
  • Oneida
  • Onondaga
  • Seneca
  • Susquehannock
  • Iroquois are also known as Haudenosauanee


Pennsylvania's Native Americans

Although portions of the video discuss the Lenni Lenape specifically, the video also includes information on Pennsylvania's Native Americans and how they were affected by colonization.

Web Links

The Iroquios of the North East - An exhibit from the Carnegie Museum that examines different aspects of the Iroquios culture.

Delaware Indians - Ohio History Central site provides good background information; discusses the history of the Delawares in Ohio. Related entries include Algonquian Indians, Iroquois, and Shawnee. Some information is pertinent to Pennsylvania. Use search box or search from History > Groups.

First Americans - Choose the Tribes category. There are three hotlinks that pertain to the Iroquios: the squash, the clothing and the longhouse. Other icons are for other tribes. You will need to mouse over the icons to access the information.

Indians of Pennsylvania - Interesting information but may be difficult to use for research. Stories from Pa History.

Learn About Native Americans - Select "Woodland Indians" and follow the arrowhead.

Mohawk Iroquios Village - Information on agriculture, longhouses and the village.

Native American Geneology - Select tribe from list. You may need help to read this.

Native Languages of the Americas Fact Sheet for Kids- Search list for tribe.The fact sheet has questions and answers on specific tribes and nations. Scroll down past the top paragraphs and ads to locate Fact Sheet information.

Native Tech - Includes sketches of traditional clothing. When you are done with your research, play the interactive games. You have to be quick to play the shuttlecock game! Also: recipes and a virtual Woodland tour.

Pennsylvania Indians - textbook exerpt provides an overview of the history of several Pennsylvania tribes.

Pennsylvania Native Americans - Interactive History includes information on the Lenape and Susquehannock.

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The encyclopedia databases may have information on some of the tribes. Make sure to select the student versions of the encyclopedias. You will need the user name and password. Please see your teacher for this information.

Brain Pop

Search: Native Americans


Search the State edition. You can search by state for information on tribes or use the search box and enter your tribe name.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

Also includes The New Book of Popular Science.

World Book