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Science Grade 8: Science Grade 8

Links, chapter assignments, projects and current events

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Chem 4 Kids includes the quizzes we complete in class.

In the News

Current Events

Before the end of each trimester, you must locate one current article. A current article is one which has been published or updated within the past three years.  Exceeding expectations points will be given for more recent publications.

Acceptable sources include:

  • websites
  • newspapers
  • magazines or other periodicals  Hint:  The library subscribes to Current Science. This is a monthly magazine that focuses on scientific topics.
  • databases - See Gale's Student Resource Center Junior. Search a topic of interest to  you and select the magazine or newspaper tabs to see if anything has been published recently on your topic

Read the article and report back to the class about it. Be prepared to explain how it relates to the curriculum.

Suggested websites for ideas:


Inside the Restless Earth

Inside the Restless Earth final chapter webquest link..

1.  Choose two of the earthquake related webquests (Earthquake in your state , Seismic waves or Anatomy of an Earthquake) and complete them by the end of class.

2.  Exceeding expectations = completing all 3 or choose one of the other topics we have studied in the past. (Drifting Continents or Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics).

Citizen Science

There are many Citizen Science opportunities. Collect data for scientific organizations, such as those listed below.

Did you know that the lightning bug is Pennsylvania's state insect? Or that we are losing them and we're not sure exactly why? Collect data over the summer in your own backyard for the Firefly Watch.

How about ladybugs? Have you seen the rare nine-spotted one? If so, The Lost Ladybug Project wants to know.

Another great collection site is Project Frogwatch.

Let's not forget butterflies. They need our help too.

And if you like birds and counting, Cornell's Great Backyard Bird Challenge has information about collecting data due in February 2014.




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