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50 States: 50 States

Links to States

Uncle Sam takes you to the official web site of all the states.                                             

A virtual Ben Franklin takes you on state-by-state visit.

The Library of Congres offers something different.

How many 11 year olds are there in Pennsylvania? The Census Bureau knows. It will also tell you how many toy stores there are.

Select your state from the list.

This site also include informaton on the early inhabitants of the states.

Includes facts, statistics, historical information and more.

Quick facts with links to additional information, including state newspapers.

Fast facts and unusual facts such as license plates, state stamps and quarters.


Click on "stately knowledge."  P.S. This is a good "go to" kid friendly web site.

Find out about the states from armadillos to yellowhammers.


State Games

Drag and drop the states in their correct geographic location.

Ben wants to know if you know where the states belong on the map.


Challenge yourself.



Don't let this title fool you. This is not just for World Cultures. Check out the States Edition. There is wealth of information here in addition to to "regular" state facts. Find state recipes, sports teams, listen to state song birds and create and download your own data tables...even print county maps.

Symbols, Flags and Songs

Includes the state symbols, flags, animal and even the state dinosaur.

You can download midi files of the state songs. Lyrics included.

This graphic list of state flags can be viewed in different sizes.

Misc. & Etc. are in the back seat of the car and you notice a UHaul truck with cool  state graphics. See them all here.

Great History Channel series on the geography of the states. From the home page, select "videos" to watch full length video or scroll to bottom to watch short clips. There is additional fun informaton on this site.

Postcards are fun...even on-line. Select "Post Card Tour of America" from the left menu, although the rest of the site is fun too.

Folklore and tall tales from each state.



The site on the left provides detailed information for numastatists. The site on the right is more user friendly.                               



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